About Malice and its guild philosophy

3-day World of Warcraft Mythic raiding guild
Wed-Thu-Mon from 20:00-24:00


Thank you for showing interest in Malice!

Malice is a mythic raiding guild with solid progression that originally came to Draenor from Outland. We are a group of mature players who take the game seriously while allowing real life. We offer stable leadership, solid play from players that are willing to learn their class and a very active, engaging and lively guild chat. With that said, we are your average guys who, because of work/family/school commitments, can not join a hardcore guild and prefer to experience the game in a more relaxed way.


Our goal ever since the guild was formed back in Cataclysm has always remained the same. Defeat all encounters before a new one gets released and improve for every current tier's progression, while having fun together. Last but not least, success doesn't have to mean spending your whole life in game. We like to have stable and consistent players throughout an expansion.

Our Raiding Schedule:
We raid 3 days per week during progress

Wednesday 20:00-24:00
Thursday 20:00-24:00
Monday 20:00-24:00
Be in control of your gaming hours. We hate to cancel raids!
Good situational awareness and quick reactions
Able to fulfill the role of teamplayer
Staying focused and good survivability
Able to communicate and handle constructive criticism
Ability to play your offspec to a high standard
A stable internet connection. Very important!
Experienced leadership and guild management
Weekly organised events and occasional guild RBGs
Dedicated Discord server
Chance to play with experienced players
Clearing content at a fast and smooth pace
Cool website and a bombardment of awesome memes!
Respect, loyalty and most importantly NO DRAMA!


Still interested in joining us? Make an application now!


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