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  • Antorus: Mythic Aggramar
    World Rank: 418
    Not available
    Carried by the biggest Paleath and our amazing main tanks, good job everyone!
    Also dont forget to like this video where Steve shows you how to tank this boss as a protection warrior: Link
  • Antorus: Mythic The Coven of Shivarra
    World Rank: 409
    Not available
    only 10 pulls...cmonBruh
  • Antorus: Mythic Varimathras
    World Rank: 484
    After a long two weeks of Christmas holidays, we come back to Antorus, kill this fast...oh wait...hmzz rip worldranks.
  • Antorus: Mythic Kin'Garoth
    World Rank: 287
    Merry Trixmassssss everyone!!!
  • Antorus: Mythic Imonar the Soulhunter
    World Rank: 266
    Not available
    And the story continues... only this time our amazing lock DDoS'd his own brains, getting hit by every bomb on the bridge just so he could soulstone himself for a bloodlust reset. Did we already say that the bridge mechanic is super easy? Ekyo confirms...
  • Antorus: Mythic Eonar the Life-Binder
    World Rank: 358
    After wiping to it forever because people kept d/c-ing, we managed to find out it was a polish warlock DDoSing Andy so he could do more selfhealing.
    (See screenshot for proof when we kicked him Klappa!)
  • Antorus: Mythic Portal Keeper Hasabel
    World Rank: 382
    Also seemed very easy. Blizzard trying to make hard bosses...unlekky!
  • Antorus: Mythic Antoran High Command
    World Rank: 522
    Not available
    Another joke boss. Blaming small indie company...
  • Antorus: Mythic Felhounds of Sargeras
    World Rank: 618
    Not available
    Luckely it only took us a couple of tries to update our new restaurant menu with some new 'zesty and spicy' items: Link.
    'Grilled and served on a bun with lettuce, tomato, onion and dijon mayo spread'. Come get it now!
  • Antorus: Mythic Garothi Worldbreaker
    World Rank: 1255
    Not available
    Since there was nothing to heal, we asked our healers to help out on the dps so we could quickly kill this to slice some doggies vietnames style!
    To be continued... (delicious sliced doggy btw JK: Link )
  • Antorus: Heroic Antorus (Ahead of the Curve Achievement)
    World Rank: 2405
    Not available
    Two full heroic splitruns cleared with 30 people in each group. FeelsGoodMan, already liking Antorus!
  • Tomb of Sargeras: Mythic Kil'Jaeden
    World Rank: 421
    Not available
    Hours, days, weeks and months, it feels like an eternity since we started our campaign against Kil'Jaeden, but its finally down. A massive congratulations to everyone for clearing ToS Mythic!
  • Tomb of Sargeras: Mythic Fallen Avatar
    World Rank: 384
    Not available
    Tough times dont last, tough teams do! Getting back to where we should be. Great kill, great rank guys!
  • Tomb of Sargeras: Mythic Maiden of Vigilance
    World Rank: 600
    Not available
    With great leadership (pointing at Andy), comes great succes! He once told me: You can't expect others to consider you a leader unless you have solid faith in your ideas. And once it's there, you build on it by being a good communicator, listening to others, setting examples and by putting your best foot forward and not giving up. Leadership is all about being passionate about what you do, and having confidence in yourself and your followers whom you have to motivate and inspire to kill bosses - Kappapride! -".
  • Tomb of Sargeras: Mythic Mistress Sasszine
    World Rank: 746
    Not available
    The nightmare is over. Mistress is dead!
  • Tomb of Sargeras: Mythic The Desolate Host
    World Rank: 658
    Not available
    After having visited Italy, London and some other cool places around the world, we directed ourselves back to our computers with a nice cup of coffee and managed to kill the host with a nice and cheesy comp. Goodjob guys!
  • Tomb of Sargeras: Mythic Sisters of the Moon
    World Rank: 487
    Not available
    After dying to the sisters last week with a salty 4% wipe and missing out on another sweet ~200 world ranking...
    ...We shaped up, got our heads straight and killed them this week. Bana - MVP of the fight!
  • Tomb of Sargeras: Mythic Demonic Inquisition
    Wait what? Third boss down in 1 day. Blizzard pls...
  • Tomb of Sargeras: Mythic Harjatan
    Second boss down. Great succes, let's keep this up!
  • Tomb of Sargeras: Mythic Goroth
    First boss down in tomb of Sargeras! GJ people!
  • The Nighthold: Mythic Gul'dan
    10/10 Mythic - Our chapter ends here...for now. Time to step up our game in Tomb!

    With a rough tier behind us, a lot of excuses so people could skip raids (We love you Johnny-link) and a certain druid getting Velen's as his 10th legendary, we are opening a couple of our raidsspots to those that are excited about raiding, eager to push for better worldranks and stable to help us make a bigger impact to our server rankings.
  • The Nighthold: Mythic Grand Magistrix Elisande
    World Rank: 686
    Not available
    Time Shifts Again!...and down she goes. Next on the menu: Mythic Gul'dan, the final encounter inside The Nighthold!
    Btw, screenshots are hard to take. Rip quality, GJ WIND!
  • The Nighthold: Mythic Star Augur Etraeus
    World Rank: 386
    Between all the trolling and starboy memes, we came back to The Nighthold with a strong focus on progress.
    The result: Mythic Star Augur Etraeus down. Good job boys!
  • The Nighthold: Mythic High Botanist Tel'arn
    World Rank: 777
    RIP MONKS AND REVIVAL - not gonna say more.
  • The Nighthold: Mythic tichondrius
    World Rank: 441
    Continuing on from the success of our previous fight, we beat Mythic Tichondrius and made our way towards the 3 gardeners of The Nighthold.
  • Medeiá (Holy Priest)
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  • Bullwhip (Protection Warrior)
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